Alohomora Key Rack

This magical rack will open doors for you!

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  • Key Rack with a truly magical design
  • The spell „Alohomora“ opens locked doors
  • Includes five metal hooks for keys
  • Can be mounted onto a wall

Speak friend and enter! Hmm, for some reason, that didn’t work. Maybe you made a mistake while deciphering the runes on your front door. Well, you can either look for your keys in the depths of your bag or simply recite the spell shown on the Alohomora Key Rack! Okay, we can’t guarantee it will work on the Doors of Durin, but it served a famous wizard with a scar well on his adventures.

And this key rack will serve you, too. Now you’ll have a central place to keep all your keys. Gone are the days when you just toss them into a bowl, your bed or directly behind your sofa. The printed-on spell and the antique key will ensure that absolutely everybody will know what the rack with the five metal hooks is for. Thanks to the two brackets on the back, mounting the key rack onto a wall is easily done with two screws, nails or some adhesive tape (not included).

Looks like you won’t be needing Accio keys anytime soon 😉

Technical details

  • Dimensions: ca. 21 x 15 x 4 cm
  • Mounting: with 2 hooks, nails, screws, or double-sided tape (not included)
  • Material: wood, metal