Bath Towel 42

High-quality towel with ’42‘ and ‚Don’t Panic‘ imprints.
The answer to life the universe and everything, printed on a bath towel!

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A towel is one of the most useful things you can take with you when traveling through the galaxy. Really, if you have a towel at your side, strags (the non-hitchhikers) assume that you have other things with you as well. Toothpaste for example, or cookies. Then strags will be more likely to lend you things. When you have a towel, you are an honourable hitchhiker! This beautiful towel knows the answer to all of your questions! What…? One of your questions is whether you can use this towel for ‚Inter-Galactic¬†Towel Day? Sure you can! This towel is the perfect accessory, featuring not only the most famous number in the world, but also the universal wisdom of:¬†Don’t panic!