Binary Wrist Watch

This wrist watch displays the time in binary mode.

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  • Fancy wrist watch which displays time in binary mode.
  • Available in two different versions: With numbers for beginners and without numbers for pros.

So, you’re looking for a really distinguished-looking watch for your wrist, right? But you find all those analogue watches just soooo boring? Maybe even the modern digital ones don’t get you rushing off to the store? Well, look no further! Here’s the perfect, geeky, and totally original, solution: The Binary Wrist Watch. It’s attractively shaped, neat, whilst proudly showing off your geeky identity in a subtle yet distinctive way.

Now we know we don’t have to explain the binary principle to a real geek, but for everyone else, here’s a short explanation about how the Binary Wrist Watch works:

The upper LED row shows the hours: The LEDs represent (from left to right) 8, 4, 2 and 1. To get the actual hour, you have to add up the glowing LEDs. The lower row shows the minutes: Here, the LEDs stand for 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1. Just add up the glowing ones to get the actual minutes

Does it sound a little complicated? Actually, it totally isn’t once you get the hang of it! To save on battery life, the LEDs won’t light up permanently: Just press one of the two operating buttons, and the LEDs will light up for 6 seconds and with a little practice, this will be plenty of time to read the time! Otherwise, simply push the button again 😉

Technical details

  • Dimensions: circumference adjustable from 14cm to 21cm
  • Material: plastics
  • Power supply: per battery: CR2302 button cell (included, exchangeable)