Dangerous to go alone Key Rack

Practical and stylish key rack with a popular quote from the Zelda game.

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  • Sturdy Key Rack with the famous saying of the most popular action-adventure game ever

Keys are an important part of our daily lives. Who doesn’t use them a few times a day to get into their house, office, car, cupboard, safe? The list could go on, but we’ll spare you. Of course, keys can be really important, as they are the main component of many games too. Treasure chests and mysterious doors, also mazes and even bosses can often only be accessed with the right keys. No matter what you use your personal keys for, you need something cool to hang them on. How about this key rack? Cemetery keys, palace keys, magic keys, room keys… leaving the house without them is dangerous, so be sure to take them! The key rack with the most well-known saying from one of the most popular action adventures of all time can be mounted on the wall with strong adhesive tape or with nails. The key to the heart of every princess who wants to be saved!

Technical details

  • Dimensions: approx. 21 x 16 cm
  • Material: plastics
  • Features: with suspension device and template for easy mounting