Dish Cloth „May Godzilla destroy this home last“

Guaranteed protection against giant Japanese lizards!

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  • High-quality dishcloth in a Godzilla design
  • The house blessing is supposed to keep Godzilla from destroying this house
  • Machine washable and skin-friendly
  • A must-have for every nerd household

If there is one location where you certainly would not expect Godzilla to show up, it’s your kitchen. After all, the famous giant lizard is usually busy destroying entire cities and battling other kaijū. Household chores don’t really fit in there, right?

Well, the Godzilla Dishcloth is not for Godzilla, rather actually against Japan’s number one export! As the blessing „May Godzilla destroy this home last“ indicates, the cloth is supposed to keep your house from getting destroyed. Well, at least until the very end. To be honest, we don’t exactly know how it works. Maybe Godzilla is allergic to dish soap ;).

Technical details

  • Dimensions: ca. 50 x 70 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton, 160gsm
  • Care and maintenance: machine washable at 60°C, suitable for dryer use