Flying Spaghetti Monster Plush

The one and only higher being of all Pastafarians in its earthly form: Made from plush.

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  • Flying Spaghetti Monster made of plush: Movable spaghetti with bendable skeleton.

Finally there’s a chance for pirates and Pastafaris to build their own shrine with the holy Flying Spaghetti Monster. In contrast to other non-provable divinities, the FSM isn’t that fussy. To be honest, he just likes to be the centre of attention, especially in this cuddly way.

If you’re looking for the right headgear for your next passport photograph and there’s no sieve available, just use this FSM instead! The FSM won’t mind it as long as the word of the intelligent designers is spread.


Technical details

  • Dimensions: Length 37cm , Width: 31cm, Height: 7cm: Weight: 175 grams