Magic Cube Tissue Box

Refillable box to store tissues, just the way Sheldon likes it!

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  • Decoration box for all cube-shaped tissue boxes.
  • With removable magnetic bottom for easy refill

There are exactly two reasons why The Big Bang Theory can make tears trickle down your cheeks:

1. You cry from laughing.
2. You find out that the series has been cancelled…

No, no! Don’t worry… the show hasn’t been cancelled! Well, not yet… but the day must surely come! Hopefully not for a few years yet. But when that day does come, not to mention crying from laughter in the meantime, you should make sure you’ve got a large number of tissues at hand.

The Magic Cube Tissue Box is designed in such a way that most commercial tissue boxes fit perfectly, and can thus be easily refilled: Remove the bottom, insert the tissue box, put the bottom back again, as easy as that! The bottom is held on with magnets, so you can also pass the box around when your friends come over to admire all of your TBBT merchandise. Of course, the box should always be close to „your spot“ You know, your perfect place to watch TV, check your laptop, have your drink to hand, put your feet up etc. ;).

Technical details

  • Dimensions: approx. 14 x 14 x 14 cm
  • Material: plastics