Magic Cube Toilet Paper Holder

This cube brings the magic of the 80s into your bathroom!

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  • Toilet paper dispenser shaped like a magic cube
  • Hold regular standard-size rolls
  • Lid and roll-holder are removable for easy loading
  • Can be mounted to a wall by using either tape or screws

Unfortunately, we’re pretty limited when it comes to choosing essential „equipment“ for the bathroom. In most hardware and home depot stores you usually just find boring white or brown plastic, dull metal colours or, from time to time, pieces of wood. After all, the stuff in your bathroom is supposed to work properly rather than look good on the wall. While we agree with the main idea, we also believe that the holy halls of porcelain are in desperate need of a splash of colour.

The Magic Cube Toilet Paper Dispenser will save you from boredom by bringing a timeless classic into your bathroom. For several decades, the simple and yet complex nature of the Magic Cube has managed to fascinate young and old people alike ─ and now you can have a super-sized cube right next to your throne! Setting the dispenser up is extremely easy: remove the lid, load a roll of toilet paper onto the roll holder, put it back into the cube and put the lid back on.

Even though the cube is begging to be solved, we recommend mounting it onto a wall either with strong adhesive tape or screws (not included). By the way, the lid can also be used as a shelf for your smartphone :).

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 14cm x 14cm x 14cm
  • Attachment: 2 screws or double-sided tape (not included)
  • Drilled hole spacing: 9cm