Selfcare Potion T-Shirt

Don’t forget to take care of yourself from time to time!

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As a healer, you’re bound to be busy in most RPGs. Everyone is yelling at you to heal them, nobody thanks you and you’ll definitely never see a single copper penny or any payment at all for your services. After all, healing is what healers are supposed to do, right? Nobody pays the warrior for dispatching orcs and goblins, so why should they pay you?

Well, looks like there’s only one thing to do – brew the potion pictured on the Selfcare Potion T-Shirt! This brew will not only raise your happiness by 10 points, it will also allow you to focus on yourself for a minute a two. And that’s exactly what you should do in real life as well! Switch off your phone, grab a book or put on a movie and just relax on the sofa for a few hours. Your boss and your job can wait until tomorrow :)!