Solar System T-Shirt

The best shirt to prove to the world that our solar system is made up of nine planets!

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Do you remember when we were little and our mum & dad and our teachers told us about the solar system? And how many planets were there? Nine, right?

Let’s count them together now, shall we, children? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto. Yep, nine planets
Any questions? No? Good.

Excuse me …? Say what …? Some grumpy scientists have claimed that Pluto isn’t actually a real planet anymore? Wait, what?!

Oh well, for us, he’s still part of the old gang! And you can show that to the world with our Solar System Shirt and send a message to those grumpy scientists that, as far we’re concerned, our sun is orbited by NINE planets!
Say after me: „One solar system, one family!“